Hi Everyone

This post is really for the loyal followers I have had recently and over the past few years.  What I’m about to say is a little more personal than I would normally share on Twitter but twitter has been so good to me I feel I owe the same in return.

I have had more than a few DMs recently asking me what’s going on – why am I kind of going low key lately so here we go.

It’s no secret I hit a bit of a rough patch in February but any long time sports gambler is no stranger to that.  We have all watched each other go through those before.  I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work but that’s not really important right now.

My wife and I were blessed a few months ago with a new member of the family.  I didn’t think this addition would affect my time like it did but anyone who has gone from one child to two probably knows how foolish that sounds.  What I found was the few hours each day (20 mins here, 20 minutes there) I used to be able to carve out is gone.   Even my coveted lunch break (on work days) seems to be spent going to appoints, running errands and things like that LOL.

To make matters even more challenging my son is at the age now (4 and a half) where he is a lot of fun and seems to never slow down. I always promised myself my sports betting would never negatively effect my family and I find myself cashing in that promise these days:)

This is by no means a farewell message, Sports betting and twitter is far too deep in my blood to take too many steps back but one or two steps back might be my new reality.

The message here is if I’m a guy you tail/watch for my plays each day it might be time to find a new guy.  I will still likely be posting plays 3-5 days a week but I wont be the 7 day a week capper I have been the last few years.

I am still going to keep a running record, I should be posting that soon.

GL everyone