Hi Everyone,

There have been many times over the years I have told you all to tail me with caution.  I have even said maybe it’s time you find a different capper to tail for the time being.  Like any bettor I’ve had bad runs which perpetuated more bad runs.  The last thing I have ever wanted was for great people to tail me and then lose.

I have always said though…..I have always said I would be the first person to tell you when it’s maybe time you look back my way.  Well, this is me telling you I might just have a few things to offer.

I’m not going to bore you with the BS of it all but suffice to say I’m seeing sports betting more clear than I ever have in my life.  I’m up over 20 units in the past month and showing no signs of stopping.  Best of all I’m not just picking games out of my ass.  I have a formula/strategy/idea (whatever you want to call it) that’s years in the making.  I spent 2 years of my life studying line movement, public, and all that shit.  When I finally gave it all up (see past write ups on that) I thought I would be back to square one (or at least the old days).  This thinking was very inaccurate.  What I found, what I am finding rather, is my eyes are wide open and seeing everything.  The tools I added to my tool box while on my bullshit line movement quest are far reaching.   More than I could have ever imagined.

This past 2 months I’ve had bad runs….and that’s a good thing.  The bad runs are there, the unlucky bullshit is there.  It’s all been there but my plan has held up and then some.

I know 2 months is a relatively small sample size but I feel like I owe it to everyone to at least tell you I’m feeling great.  A big bet for me is 1.5u, an average bet is 1u and I go all the way down to 0.25u (these are usually new sports/new ideas.)

I don’t care if you choose to tail me, I’m not selling anything.  In fact I wouldn’t take money from you if you offered.  I’m just saying I have been winning and I think it will continue.

I don’t post daily recaps because I hate daily recaps.  If you care that much about daily results there are many other cappers out there for you.  Day to day results are for the touts and the fun bettors.

Tail or don’t tail but at least I said my piece.

GL to us.