I’m 38 years old and I grew up in a very hard core “Work is life” family.  My dad worked 80 hours a week on a slow week (a lot of you know the type) and my mom (after we got a little older) put in her time also.  It wasn’t because we needed the money, it’s just how things were.  Back then in my parents’ generation work was life.  You were your career.

That’s all I knew and once out of college I started pounding in the hours.  I did well for myself but my life was all about getting ahead and creating more work.  I felt the most important when I was getting home with my tie still on well after dark.   In my eyes (at the time) my fellow generation was lazy as fuck and the generation after me….well those guys were lucky to get their shoes on the right foot.

Fast forward to when I was around 30-32 (about 10 years later) and although things were similar my eyes were starting to be opened a bit.  The newer generations (mine, the one before me, and now this new one) had passion and they were happy, relaxed, and I enjoyed being around them.

Over the next 2 or 3 years I realized these new generations still had all the passion I had. All the hard work, all the drive, and all the interest.  The difference was, they lived to live…..not to simply work.  Their job was just their job.  They came to work, they worked hard, but they planned to leave at 5PM because their real life was waiting.

Over the last 5 years of my life I learned (from them) what life was really about.  Life’s for living, not working.  The only commodity that matters is time.  Let’s get in, do our job well, and get on with why we’re really here.  Since adopting their way of thinking (to an extent) not only has my life gotten 10X better but my work life has also.  More hours doesn’t mean more productivity – it just means more time at work.  This generation taught me it’s about working smart not just hard.

Over the last year I’ve seen a similar message on twitter.  Twitter has changed; it’s not what it once was, etc. etc.  Ya, no shit MotherFucker.  What exactly did you think?  The moment your ass was on top (or close to) things would freeze so you could hold your golden sword high in the air forever?  You think the old boys club of the PGA wasn’t a little pissed when Tiger Woods showed up?

I’m getting sick and tired of people bitching about how Gambling Twitter has changed.  Yes it has changed, and the news flash is it’s going to continue to change.  There was a time when I considered myself one of (if not the) top free capper on twitter and look at me now.  I’m blathering on about some generation gap story hoping to catch your interest to read just one more blog. (LOLOL – jokingNotJoking)

Yes, Twitter is changing and sure there’s a lot of frauds out there but proportionately nothing has changed.  For every 1 honest capper there’s always been 5 frauds.

This is an opportunity for us old school twitter cappers (tout and free) to embrace the change and grow ourselves.  The best don’t shy away from change or competition, they stare it strait in the eye.  You think Lebron gives one shit when a new “hot shot” draft pick roles into the league?  You think Lebron hasn’t had to learn a few new tricks over the years?

I get it, you were king shit back in “your” day – well the days they are a changing my friend.  It’s never as tough getting to the top as it is staying there (as they say).   Twitter has changed, I’ve changed, the people reading this have changed, and you’ve changed.   The one, maybe the only, constant in life is everything will change.  Learn from that change, grow with that change, teach based on that change, prepare for more change, and embrace change.

As change would say: “Bro, you’re either with us or you’re against us”

I usually don’t go too personal in these blogs but let’s just keep this one between us shall we.   There are three skills/attributes all companies look for.

  1. Positive attitude
  2. Willingness to embrace change
  3. Resourcefulness

There’s one simple exercise I perform to determine who’s who in a group.  Let’s use sports betting as an example.

I would get the top 10 hires in a room and have someone present this to them: “You have 10 minutes to explain on paper how you cap NFL” and then the presenter would immediately leave the room.

At the 6 minute mark I have the presenter enter and say they are really sorry but they made a mistake (The trick here is the presenter has to look a bit flustered). The presenter had said NFL but meant to say MLB.  They are really sorry but everyone only has 4 minutes now to write how they cap MLB…again she/he is really sorry (but still flustered).  This time however, the presenter does NOT leave the room.

The room will naturally form into two groups.  Those with their head down and a new sheet of paper (usually about 2 or 3 out of 10) and those who engage the presenter in how his/her mistake shouldn’t be counted against them.   7 out of 10 people (I shit you not) will spend their last/only 4 minutes bitching to the presenter rather than accepting their circumstances.  They would rather bitch about change than accept it.

The 2 or 3 who get right back to work are those you want working for your company.  They still have to pass the resourceful test but you know they are positive and you sure know they embrace change.

I can’t honestly remember where I was and how I related this to twitter.  All I know is the only reason I am writing this to you now is because I’m not at work.  The only reason I’m not at work is because I embraced change, learned from it, and grew from it.

Always be part of the embrace change group – never the bitch group:)

A special shout out to one of my best friends on here – my we both make each other better dads!!

GL everyone