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We are excited to announce that here at madpicks.com we will be running our next “MadPicks Brackets 2 Capping Contest“, a handicapping contest that will have a bracket style format just like College Basketball’s March Madness.

Fee for this contest will be $10 and everyone that has a twitter account can join!

5% of prizepool will be deducted for paypal charges

Contest starts Wednesday April 26th so please reserve your spot as soon as possible to guarantee an entry in the contest.

Prizes will be announced after the start of the contest on Wednesday

How will this work?

First 32 that join will be randomly will be seeded and get an opponent. All seeds will be automatically and once again randomly be selected by our software that will be used to generate the bracket. The bracket will be made available to you, soon as all spots are filled, through our website and twitter so you know who you are facing every round. Records will also be posted on our website and twitter.

Contest can only start when 32 cappers join or 50+ join. 33-49 places will be refunded in case we cant get to 50+. If for example we get 56 cappers in then some of the contestants will have a first round bye. This is required to make sure the contest is run smoothly.

Ok now to the important part. Every week you’ll be asked to make 5 picks. You have from Wednesday until Sunday of each round to make your picks (you don’t have to do all your picks at once). So basically each round lasts 5 days.

Picks and Odds Rules

Your picks can be from any sport and have to be from the following markets:

  • Moneylines (1H,1P,FG)
  • Handicaps (1H,FG)
  • Spreads (1H,FG)
  • Totals (1H,1P,FG)
  • Team Totals (FG)

No props or futures wil be allowed.

Accepted odds for plays will be -125 (1.80) to +250 (3.50).

Picks will have to be in at least 30 minutes before gametime.

You get to use odds from any sportsbook in the world that can be verified so therefore locals eg. red44.com, bet38.com, ag94.ag etc won’t be accepted. If you are only using a local to bet you can get odds to use for this contest from other verified sportsbooks from oddsshark.com and oddsportal.com

How do i get my picks in?

You’ll have tweet your picks and tag us at the end of your tweet to make sure we receive it. The reason for this is so every pick will be time stamped to avoid any mistakes and errors.

The sportsbook you used to get those odds should be mentioned always in your tweets and you can make 5 separate tweets if needed.

We also strongly suggest to tag your opponent.

So an example tweet will be:


Play 1 Michigan -3.5 -105 (Pinnacle)

Play 2 Det Tigers ML -127 (5dimes)


If you don’t tag us (@madpickscrew) on your tweets that means we’ll never get the tweet and therefore your picks won’t count. Any picks even a second late the 30 minutes prior to the game deadline won’t count. Using the hashtag #MadpicksBrackets is optional but recommended so all plays can be found under that hashtag.

How do i win?

It’s simple, each pick made is to win one unit. Most units won or less units lost wins the matchup.

What happens in case of a tied record?

In the case of a tie each contestant will have to make 3 more picks during Monday to get the winner. If that also comes up as a draw, we’ll select 3 games on Tuesday that we’ll give to the contestants to pick who wins or covers etc and again best record will advance. In the unlucky case of a 3rd draw then the winner will be randomly picked by our software.

How do i contact you to learn more about this contest or join?

You can always shoot us a DM on twitter @madpickscrew or email us at support@madpicks.com if you have any questions or concerns.

How do i join?

Use the form below to join:

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