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Here’s a list of contests running from twitter pals during this March Madness period and more. If you are running a contest and want it added here or know anyone who’s running one please contact me on twitter @madpicks or email me at support@madpicks.com.


Madpicks Brackets Capping Contest

This is not really a March Madness contest but more of a capping contest that will be running through Tournament period. It’s a way to show off your capping skills and you can make picks from any sport. Also run by us @madpickscrew guys and only costs $10 to join and have fun with us.

Get more info on our Madpicks Brackets Capping contest by clicking here


@GreenPicksFree Free contest

As always @greenpicksfree is running another entertaining and exciting contest.

You can find the rules on the tweet above. If you would like to join you only have to DM @greenpicksfree and let him know you are interested.


@KalebGering24 Free Bracket Contest for bragging rights

Our pal @KalebGering24 is running a free-entry bracket contest for this march madness and he would love to have you with him.

Direct link to the contest can be found here or if you are not able to connect through twitter link or direct link you can search for the group name. The group name couldn’t be anything else but “Gambling Twitter”


@rs_gbe and @jaykrier $50 Tournament Bracket contest

Two great guys also will be running a bracket contest, @rs_gbe and @jaykrier. The entry fee is set at $50 for this contest.

Still not much info have been posted about this contest but the guys promised that they will be posting all the info on how to join this contest any time soon. So either follow them on twitter or stay tuned on this page for any additional info coming soon 🙂


@thelinemovement Free entry contest with cash-money prizes

5. A free to join bracket contest but with cash money prizes will be run by our buddy @thelinemovement. You can find all the info on the contest here.

If you need any help with joining or got any questions pls address your concerns to @thelinemovement. He’ll be glad to assist you with anything.


@BPicksSports Free Bracket contest with cash-money prizes

@BPicksSports will be running a free to enter bracket contest with $100 and free package offered to winner (total of $225 in value)


@KevinsDelight Bracket Contest

Another nice contest out there is run by @kevinsdelight. In this contest you have the option to create a bracket for $10 or 3 for $25. @KevinsDelight been running this contest for years with much success so DM him if you’re interested in joining.


@DegenCapper March Madness Player Draft Contest

@DegenCapper is running a nice $20 contest which seems quite interesting. You get to pick pick 1 player from each seed, (16 total) most points wins. That simple. Get more info on the embeded tweet or DM him for more.


@thebookiebully1 Free bracket contest with cash-money prizes

Another free to join bracket contest is run by @thebookiebully1. He is also offering free packages to winners. Read the attached tweet below on how to join or DM him for more info.


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