If you’re one of those people who think the Oscars is kinda boring, well, we certainly hope that Sunday night changed your mind

There was a gluttony of incredible, if often cringeworthy moments: From that Hollywood tour randomly paying a visit, to that wild ending in which Moonlight was (eventually) crowned Best Picture.

There were plenty of moments the internet couldn’t help but pick out. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled Twitter’s most retweeted tweets from the Oscars. Please enjoy.

This red carpet observation scored plenty of retweets.

As did this classic throwback.

And who could forget this 2015 tweet from Trump?

Then there’s this simple message. That comes from the heart.

Or noticing how many Oscars Leonardo DiCaprio missed out on.

Of course, there’s the disastrous Best Picture announcement.

And realising how much of a f*ck up it was.

But it didn’t take away from what an achievement it was for ‘Moonlight.’

Source: Mashable