Jimmy Kimmel Battles Back Tears Over The Las Vegas Massacre

‘It Feels Like Someone Has Opened A Window Into Hell’

Jimmy Kimmel did his best to keep his emotions in check while addressing the massacre in his hometown of Las Vegas on Sunday night. Not only was it one of the more emotional responses we’ve seen in the media towards the heinous attack up to this point, but Kimmel uses his position to once again seemingly take a stand on an issue that Congress is ignoring.

Not only is Kimmel a Las Vegas native, but his bandleader Cleto Escobedo III and his father also hail from the city, giving the event an extra emotional impact on the show. None of them lost anyone close, but the victims were not ignored during Kimmel’s powerful and painful monologue that almost brought him to tears numerous times.

The mileage of the gun debate and the parade of mass shootings that we’ve seen is definitely showing for many online and on television, bringing out an anger asking when enough will be enough. While Kimmel is sad and offers condolences to those affected by the attack, he saves the majority of his opening addressing how several members of Congress and the administration in The White House don’t act on the sentiment in their words.

“No American citizen needs an M-16 — or ten of them. And maybe that way we don’t do this again,” Kimmel tells the audience and those on Capitol Hill who continue to vote against gun control measures, also adding that their thoughts and prayers that flow out after every tragedy are “insufficient” at this point.

As more and more late night hosts add their comments to discussion, that seems to be the driving theme behind them all. It is nice to send love and prayers, and we shouldn’t stop doing it, but there needs to be more to at least put up some safeguard. Kimmel’s statement might be the most powerful of the bunch, especially with his recent string of comments on healthcare.

Via uproxx.com