Poor cameraman yells ‘SH*T!’ after accidentally walking through Carli Lloyd interview

Oh no!

Carli Lloyd was being interviews by Megyn Kelly when a cameraman found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time and made it worse than it ever had to be.


You really have to feel for the guy. Walking in front of the camera is pretty much the one cardinal sin of being a camera guy, and then his swearing happened to get picked up by the mic at the perfectly wrong time.

In the longer version of this clip you can hear him sigh deeply, twice — he knew what had just happened.

I am kindred spirits with this cameraman. When I was 12 years old, I had a solo in the school band. I was so excited for it. It was part of a Beatles medley, and I had the task of transitioning from “Hard Day’s Night” into “Revolution,” with me playing the opening notes.

Despite weeks of practice to get it perfect, I started on the wrong note. I was supposed to start on the “G,” but actually started on “B” — which caused me to run out of strings, freak out, stop playing, and yell “SHIT!” just like Megyn Kelly’s cameraman did.

I cried all night because I blew my big chance — also because I was trying to impress Rose, who I had an INCREDIBLE crush on and noticed her laughing in the crowd after I said “shit,” but that’s par for the course, really.

I was devastated. I know this pain. It’s OK, cameraman, we are shit brothers.

Via SBNation.com