Giant python throws up entire antelope in putrid display

What you’re about to see is one of the most impressive and disgusting things nature has ever offered us.

A 13-foot-long python was caught and relocated off a rare game farm outside of Groblersdal, South Africa — but not before showing its captors what it ate for dinner. An amateur snake handler was hired by farmer Jaco Kotze, who was concerned the rock python would be a threat to his livestock.

The plan was to simply relocate the snake to a safer area, but the surprise of encountering humans caused the snake to lose its lunch — literally. It’s not uncommon for snakes to regurgitate their prey when threatened so they can move away more quickly, but the men quickly realized what happened when they approached the python and saw hooves protruding from its mouth.

Within moments, the snake had ejected an entire whole antelope from its body. The snake was captured without harm and taken to a location where it wouldn’t threaten the business or anyone nearby.

Nature: You’re gross, and totally awesome.

h/t Daily Mail

Source : SBnation