Watch this train completely pummel commuters with snow

The East Coast is experiencing a lot of snow, but people still have to leave their homes to either go to work or run errands. A few of them have to take the train to get to their destinations, and unfortunately, they’re forgetting about the snow right in front of them.

Luckily for us, someone captured such a moment in slow motion. The train plowing all the snow away looks like something out of an ‘80s action film where everything blows up. You wouldn’t be able to tell by the poor commuter. She was not expecting a wall of snow to bury her. I’m sure everyone in that video will think twice before waiting by the yellow line next time.

Remember all those Coors Light commercials from a few years back where a train would suddenly appear, bringing with it a wave of frigid temperatures and a ton of wind? This is the real life version of it. It’s even better than the commercials but it’s definitely messier.

Every time I saw those commercials, I always questioned why no one was panicking when a giant train appeared out of nowhere. Based on this video, everyone was pretty chill about it in real life, albeit covered in snow.

Source : SBnation