This is heartbreaking.

No. No. No. No. This actually happened?

On Tuesday, a contestant on Wheel of Fortune was literally one letter away from winning. The answer should have been staring them right in the face. A Streetcar NAMED Desire.

Even if you’re not familiar with the play, the word name just fits perfectly. Are there any other letters you can fit in there to make it work? Let’s run through all the options:

naaed, nabed, naced, naded, naeed, nafed, naged, nahed, naied, najed, naked, naled, named, naned, naoed, naped, naqed, nared, nased, nated, naued, naved, nawed, naxed, nayed, nazed

It seems that there were only two plausible options, named and naked. They picked the wrong one. Is this the Wheel of Fortune’s 3-1 lead?

Source : SBnation