Hi Everyone

I have been doing a lot of thinking for MLB recently and I decided to come at this year a little different.  Anyone who followed me last year knows I like playing my “fishy line plays” and we are finally at the point in the season where I can start posting/playing them.

I decided to go one step further this year and developed a strategy for chasing steam.  I put so much work into MLB sometimes but maybe it’s time I start working smarter and not harder.  Steam or as I call it (Line Move vs. Public) is such an easy concept to track but if it were as easy as chasing steam we would all be rich.  SO instead of putting my energy into tracking and predicting stats and such I decided to make a formula to use steam.

So when you see my plays you will immediately think – oh well all he is doing is chasing steam, and you are correct to a point.  Most of my plays will be steam plays (except the fishy line plays – although they might also) but it’s when I play them, which ones, and for how much that is the key.

GL to us all

Today’s fishy line plays:

Brew +104 1.5u

Min -109 1u

Regular plays:

LAD -133

Hou -117

Min -109

ATL -101

NYY +101

0.5u each

I know my fishy line plays pay over the season.  I have been doing them now for a few years and they always win long term so I am going to start going a little more aggressive on those.  As for the regular plays this is the first year I have done this (first day in fact) so starting out a little slow there.

For the record Mets was on the list also but going to wait and watch a few things and see how much I should put on it.

GL everyone