MLB Records

YTD: 113-81 +26.57u
PODs: 12-11

Been a pretty good week. I don’t think i had more than 5-6 losses this week. Anyway baseball is the bitch of all grinds so no matter how much you win or lose you gotta keep moving forward.

This is Thursday’s recap:

This is what i’m on for Friday:

Toronto Blue Jays ML -130 (1u)
Miami Marlins UNDER 8 +100 (1u)
Detroit Tigers Team Total OVER 4.5 +100 (2u)
Boston Red Sox ML -107 (1u)
Texas Rangers UNDER 9.5 -105 (1u)
St. Louis Cardinals Team Total OVER 4 -120 (1u)
Philadelphia Phillies Team Total OVER 3.5 +105 (2u)