Lost my first POD of the season but still had a small winning day yesterday profiting +0.24u

PODs record stands at 4-1 for the season.

Here’s what’m on for Friday early slate. Will add more later:

Pittsburgh Pirates UNDER 8 -105 (0.5u)
Boston Red Sox ML +108 (0.5u)
Philadelphia Phillies UNDER 7 +100 (0.5u)

Adding (Late slate of games):

San Diego Padres OVER 8 -120 (0.5u)
San Diego Padres Team Total OVER 3.5 -130 (0.5u)
New York Yankees ML -105 (1u)
Miami Marlins ML -110 (1u)
Toronto Blue Jays ML -114 (1u)
Tampa Bay Rays UNDER 8 -115 (0.5u)
Milwaukee Brewers UNDER 9 -105 (0.5u)
Houston Astros UNDER 8.5 -111 (1u)
St. Louis Cardinals OVER 8 -110 (1u)
Cleveland Indians ML -139 (0.5u)
Los Angeles Angels ML -127 (0.5u)