MLB Picks

Madpickscrew Daily PODs Wednesday 4/5

MLB KC Royals ML by @djcbulls23 MLB MIL Brewers Under 9 by @madpicks MLB NY Yankees Under 7.5 by @theguyinsadieg

MLB & #StanleyCup Plays by Prolinepayouts

MLB YTD: 7-5-0 (+1.9u)Rockies ML (+109) Braves over 8 (-117) Royals over 9 (-1150NHL Playoffs: 0-3-1 (-3.1u) Bruins ML (-104)

MLB Plays by Prolinepayouts

Indians F5 TT over 2 (-117) Jays F5 TT Over 2.5 (-111) Angels F5 TT Over 2.5 (-110) Giants F5 TT Over 1.5 (115) Mariners F5 TT Over...

MLB Picks by @madpicks Wednesday 4/26

MLB Records YTD: 102-78 +19.29u PODs: 12-10 This Week: 10-5 +7.94u Yesterday went 4-3 for +2.95u These were posted earlier and went 2-0! This is what i'm on for Wednesday...

MLB and NBA picks by @madpicks Wednesday 4/19

Will post a recap tomorrow for the past few days i didn't have time to post on the site. These were my early MLB slate...

MLB Plays by Prolinepayouts

MLB YTD: 32-17-1 (+13.67u)Dodgers F5 TT Over 2 (-138) Mets F5 TT Over 2 (-136) POD Yankees F5 TT Over 2.5 (-106)

MadPicksCrew Daily PODs Saturday 4/8

MLB SD Padres Over 3.5 First 5 innings by @theguyinsadieg MLB NY Mets ML by @djcbulls23 MLB SD Padres Over 7 by @40yearoldvision MLB HOU Astros Under...