Well we all had a blast with the Superbowl contest so lets do another for the NBA finals shall we.


The rules are simple:

Tweet me who you think will win each game of the finals and the score of the final game.

It will be survivor style so if you get the wrong team winning game one you are done like dinner my friend.

For all those who got the first game correct we move onto the game 2 etc.

All picks (for every game) has to be selected at the same time.  So you tweet might look something like this:

For the @coronapicks NBA finals contest

GS/Cle/Cle/GS/GS/GS (124)

If you think it will be a cavs sweep you would tweet this:

For the @Coronapicks NBA finals contest:


If they went 4-0 (in the example above) and someone else had that exact layout then it comes down to closest to the final score.

Again – this is an elimination contest so as soon as you get one wrong you are out….last capper standing takes home the huge prize of bragging rights and all the recognition you could ever want from your twitter peers!!

You have anytime (starting this second) to tweet me your selections and I will record them in a google doc for all to see.  Once you place your picks no take backs or changies.

You have until one hour before game one starts to get your tweet out. Be sure to include my name anywhere in the tweet so I see it and can RT it for all to see.

After each game I will post who is still “alive”

GL everyone