Hey everyone, so last week sucked big time.  I haven’t actually added up the record yet as after last week I would have rather think about basket weaving or Quilt making than NCAA football.  I still haven’t went back to figure it out (I will tho when my courage is at it’s greatest) but I think I went like 2-11 or some shit like that.

Not one to give up I changed nothing.  This formula has shown a profit for 2 season so I can’t give up on it that quickly.  Like the time my wife made that one bad meal so I went to Vegas and…..well never mind.  But lets just say it still weighs heavily on my conscious and lessons were learned about throwing in the towel too quick:)

Here are today’s plays – I would not tail them this week.  I mean, I have to play them, they’re my plays but you don’t.  Save yourself.  The only reason I’m posting them is because if they do well this week maybe some people jump on next week.

Kent St +42

Old Vin Diesel (Dom) +28

Bama -20

Oklahoma st. -12.5

NEvada +28.5

Florida -2.5

Cuse +21.5

Wash -11.5

Georgia -3

all to win half a unit – all have odds of -110

GL everyone