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Opening night NHL Plays by @Prolinepayouts

The Season Is Upon Us, So Lets Cash.Penguins Reg (-115) Flames over 5.5 (EV)Goal Scorer .5u Laine (+140) 

C2 @40yearoldvision MLB Totals July 20

2H Totals plays 29-18-2 +12.2u 2H All Totals 49-33-7Under *1 CIN u9.5 +105 (pitch change 1u) ???? 2u *2 KC u9 -115???????? 2u *3 PIT u8.5 -105???????? *4 BAL...

C2 4-9 @40yearoldvision MLB Totals

2017 MLB Totals 16-20-1 -6.40u *=1u Play POD=2u PlayOver POD 1 BOS o7.5 -115???????? *2 TOR o8 -115???? *3 ATL o7.5 -120???? 4 OAK o9????Under *1 COL u10.5 -115???? *2 AZ u9.5...

MLB Picks by @madpicks Saturday 5/6

Had to take care of some personal matters and took a couple of days off. I'm back today and getting back on crushing MLB....

MadPicksCrew Daily PODs Thursday 10/5

NFL NE Patriots -4.5 by @madpicks MLB NY Yankees Under 8.5 by @40yearoldvision  

C2 @40yearoldvision Opening Day MLB Totals Rankings

2017 MLB Totals 1-1-1 +0.95u *=1u Play POD=2u PlayOver POD 1 NYY o6.5 -120???????? *2 CHC o7 -105✋Under *1 AZ u8 -110????2017 GS 1-0 +0.5u Grand Salami .5u o22.5????

C2 @40yearoldvision MLB Totals Sep 3

Under COL u11.5-115 CWS u9.5-110 MIL u9.5-105 SF u8-120 SD u8-105 NYY u7-120 MIN u10 -115 CHC u9.5 BAL u10 TEX u11 MIA u9.5 SEA u9.5Over NYM o9.5-115 CLE o9.5 -115 CIN o9Grand Salami 200 GS u144 -110