Past few weeks we been having a little cooperation with @Loafmoney on twitter discussing our Premier League picks and getting a few consensus plays with a very good success rate. So we decided to post what we are on this Saturday hoping to give you some winners. So here are our plays and wish you all good luck:

1u Manchester Utd PK -107

ManU didnt play a derby yet but i think they are solid in all 3 lines of the field and way much better than Liverpool. With Mane out for weeks for Liverpool, if Man U finds a way to minimize Salah and Coutinho’s actions in the field think they can even take the win here.

1u Swansea -0.25 -110

Swansea has been underachieving this season but i think this is the game they have to win if they wanna stay in this League.

1u Chelsea -1.5 +128

F*cking Palace hasn’t scored yet in 7 games. Need to say more? Might be a London derby but i’ll take this line every day.

1u West Ham PK -103

West Ham has been improving day by day. They are playing better and started winning some points. All players are healthy and definitely a better team than Burnley. That doesn’t mean Burnley is a bad team, actually the opposite. I just think West Ham is better.

1u Watford OVER 3 -111

Every time Watford and Arsenal play each other they been piling up the goals. For this play @Loafmoney is on the opposite and that’s actually the only play we did not agree on but i can’t see how we don’t get at least the push here.