Whats up everyone?  I am supper excited for tonight’s UFC card.  I think I tend to like the free events over the paid because they tend to have the slightly older (more well known fighters) headlining.  Tonight’s card is exactly that. A collection of fighters who have been around for a while, I know most of them so I “think” I have a pretty good idea of how they will preform.

My strategy to UFC is simple.  I try to find Dogs who I think have a better chance of winning than their odds.  Do I think Dodson will lose tonight?  No.  But I think out of three fights Wineland could squeak out a win in at least one.  At +350 odds it +EV to take him here.  My goal is to go 50% (or a little worse) on a card but because I play all dogs (or mostly) I will come out ahead.

With that – here is tonight’s card:

Schnell -135

Proctor +275

McBride +240

Moreno +115

Ellenberger +110

Lauzon +157 (This is a bit of a homer bet – I like Joe a lot and am cheering for him…..he looked pretty dicey in his last fight tho).

Wineland +350 – I really like Dodson though, he is the fasted human I have ever seen.  But a puncher’s chance right? LOL

De Lima +145

Lobov +450 – I will admit I am kind of playing the odds here.  I don’t think he would take at least one fight out of 4 so lets see if tonight can be the win.

All plays are bet to win half a unit.

GL everyone