The 2017 NFL regular season doesn’t kick off until for more than four months, but you can still bet on almost any game for the upcoming season. On Wednesday afternoon, CG Technology continued their annual tradition by releasing lines for every NFL game between Week 1 and 16. Since resting starters, injuries, and playoff ramifications make Week 17 highly unpredictable, sportsbooks won’t normally post those lookahead lines.

Last week we posted Week 1 lines from the Westgate Superbook, but bettors can also view the latest odds from several offshore sportsbooks by visiting our free NFL odds page.
The list below displays the lines for every game this season and will be updated as new information becomes available. (Note: CG Technology has set $1,000 limits)

 Week 1
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Sep 78:30 PM Kansas City Chiefs New England Patriots (-7)
 Sun Sep 101:00 PM Arizona Cardinals Detroit Lions (-3)
 Sun Sep 101:00 PM Atlanta Falcons (-6) Chicago Bears
 Sun Sep 101:00 PM Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals (-1)
 Sun Sep 101:00 PM Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans (-4.5)
 Sun Sep 101:00 PM New York Jets Buffalo Bills (-6)
 Sun Sep 101:00 PM Oakland Raiders (-1) Tennessee Titans
 Sun Sep 101:00 PM Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins (-3)
 Sun Sep 101:00 PM Pittsburgh Steelers (-9) Cleveland Browns
 Sun Sep 101:00 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers Miami Dolphins (-1.5)
 Sun Sep 104:05 PM Indianapolis Colts (-3) Los Angeles Rams
 Sun Sep 104:25 PM Carolina Panthers (-4.5) San Francisco 49ers
 Sun Sep 104:25 PM Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers (-3)
 Sun Sep 108:30 PM New York Giants Dallas Cowboys (-5)
 Mon Sep 117:10 PM New Orleans Saints Minnesota Vikings (-3)
 Mon Sep 1110:20 PM Los Angeles Chargers Denver Broncos (-4)
  Week 2
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Sep 148:25 PM Houston Texans Cincinnati Bengals (-2)
 Sun Sep 171:00 PM Arizona Cardinals Indianapolis Colts (-3)
 Sun Sep 171:00 PM Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers (-3.5)
 Sun Sep 171:00 PM Chicago Bears Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7)
 Sun Sep 171:00 PM Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens (-9.5)
 Sun Sep 171:00 PM Minnesota Vikings Pittsburgh Steelers (-6)
 Sun Sep 171:00 PM New England Patriots (-4.5) New Orleans Saints
 Sun Sep 171:00 PM Philadelphia Eagles Kansas City Chiefs (-4)
 Sun Sep 171:00 PM Tennessee Titans (-1) Jacksonville Jaguars
 Sun Sep 174:05 PM Miami Dolphins Los Angeles Chargers (-1)
 Sun Sep 174:05 PM New York Jets Oakland Raiders (-8.5)
 Sun Sep 174:25 PM Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos (PK)
 Sun Sep 174:25 PM San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks (-13)
 Sun Sep 174:25 PM Washington Redskins (-2) Los Angeles Rams
 Sun Sep 178:30 PM Green Bay Packers Atlanta Falcons (-2.5)
 Mon Sep 188:30 PM Detroit Lions New York Giants (-3)
  Week 3
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Sep 218:25 PM Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers (-1.5)
 Sun Sep 249:30 AM Baltimore Ravens (-1.5) Jacksonville Jaguars ¹
 Sun Sep 241:00 PM Atlanta Falcons (-1.5) Detroit Lions
 Sun Sep 241:00 PM Cleveland Browns Indianapolis Colts (-9.5)
 Sun Sep 241:00 PM Denver Broncos Buffalo Bills (-1)
 Sun Sep 241:00 PM Houston Texans New England Patriots (-9)
 Sun Sep 241:00 PM Miami Dolphins (-2) New York Jets
 Sun Sep 241:00 PM New Orleans Saints Carolina Panthers (-3)
 Sun Sep 241:00 PM New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles (-1)
 Sun Sep 241:00 PM Pittsburgh Steelers (-5.5) Chicago Bears
 Sun Sep 241:00 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minnesota Vikings (-3)
 Sun Sep 244:05 PM Seattle Seahawks (-2) Tennessee Titans
 Sun Sep 244:25 PM Cincinnati Bengals Green Bay Packers (-7)
 Sun Sep 244:25 PM Kansas City Chiefs (-1.5) Los Angeles Chargers
 Sun Sep 248:30 PM Oakland Raiders (-1) Washington Redskins
 Mon Sep 258:30 PM Dallas Cowboys (-2) Arizona Cardinals
 ¹ This game is being played in London, England.
  Week 4
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Sep 288:25 PM Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers (-9.5)
 Sun Oct 19:30 AM New Orleans Saints Miami Dolphins (-3) ¹
 Sun Oct 11:00 PM Buffalo Bills Atlanta Falcons (-7.5)
 Sun Oct 11:00 PM Carolina Panthers New England Patriots (-9)
 Sun Oct 11:00 PM Cincinnati Bengals (-3.5) Cleveland Browns
 Sun Oct 11:00 PM Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings (-3)
 Sun Oct 11:00 PM Jacksonville Jaguars New York Jets (-1)
 Sun Oct 11:00 PM Los Angeles Rams Dallas Cowboys (-12.5)
 Sun Oct 11:00 PM Pittsburgh Steelers (-1.5) Baltimore Ravens
 Sun Oct 11:00 PM Tennessee Titans Houston Texans (-3)
 Sun Oct 14:05 PM New York Giants Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.5)
 Sun Oct 14:05 PM Philadelphia Eagles Los Angeles Chargers (-1.5)
 Sun Oct 14:05 PM San Francisco 49ers Arizona Cardinals (-9)
 Sun Oct 14:25 PM Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos (-2)
 Sun Oct 18:30 PM Indianapolis Colts Seattle Seahawks (-7)
 Mon Oct 28:30 PM Washington Redskins Kansas City Chiefs (-5)
 ¹ This game is being played in London, England.
  Week 5
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Oct 58:25 PM New England Patriots (-3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
 Sun Oct 81:00 PM Arizona Cardinals Philadelphia Eagles (-2)
 Sun Oct 81:00 PM Buffalo Bills Cincinnati Bengals (-3.5)
 Sun Oct 81:00 PM Carolina Panthers Detroit Lions (-2)
 Sun Oct 81:00 PM Jacksonville Jaguars Pittsburgh Steelers (-9)
 Sun Oct 81:00 PM Los Angeles Chargers New York Giants (-7)
 Sun Oct 81:00 PM New York Jets Cleveland Browns (PK)
 Sun Oct 81:00 PM San Francisco 49ers Indianapolis Colts (-9)
 Sun Oct 81:00 PM Tennessee Titans Miami Dolphins (-3)
 Sun Oct 84:05 PM Baltimore Ravens Oakland Raiders (-4.5)
 Sun Oct 84:05 PM Seattle Seahawks (-6) Los Angeles Rams
 Sun Oct 84:25 PM Green Bay Packers Dallas Cowboys (-3)
 Sun Oct 88:30 PM Kansas City Chiefs Houston Texans (-1)
 Mon Oct 98:30 PM Minnesota Vikings (-2) Chicago Bears
 Bye: Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, Washington
  Week 6
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Oct 128:25 PM Philadelphia Eagles Carolina Panthers (-4)
 Sun Oct 151:00 PM Chicago Bears Baltimore Ravens (-7)
 Sun Oct 151:00 PM Cleveland Browns Houston Texans (-9.5)
 Sun Oct 151:00 PM Detroit Lions New Orleans Saints (-2.5)
 Sun Oct 151:00 PM Green Bay Packers (-1.5) Minnesota Vikings
 Sun Oct 151:00 PM Miami Dolphins Atlanta Falcons (-6.5)
 Sun Oct 151:00 PM New England Patriots (-9.5) New York Jets
 Sun Oct 151:00 PM San Francisco 49ers Washington Redskins (-8)
 Sun Oct 154:05 PM Los Angeles Rams Jacksonville Jaguars (-3.5)
 Sun Oct 154:05 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers Arizona Cardinals (-3)
 Sun Oct 154:25 PM Los Angeles Chargers Oakland Raiders (-8)
 Sun Oct 154:25 PM Pittsburgh Steelers Kansas City Chiefs (-1.5)
 Sun Oct 158:30 PM New York Giants Denver Broncos (-3)
 Mon Oct 168:30 PM Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans (-3)
 Bye: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Dallas, Seattle
  Week 7
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Oct 198:25 PM Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders (-3)
 Sun Oct 221:00 PM Arizona Cardinals (-3) Los Angeles Rams ¹
 Sun Oct 221:00 PM Baltimore Ravens Minnesota Vikings (-3.5)
 Sun Oct 221:00 PM Carolina Panthers (-1.5) Chicago Bears
 Sun Oct 221:00 PM Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers (-7)
 Sun Oct 221:00 PM Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts (-6.5)
 Sun Oct 221:00 PM New Orleans Saints Green Bay Packers (-7.5)
 Sun Oct 221:00 PM New York Jets Miami Dolphins (-8.5)
 Sun Oct 221:00 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers Buffalo Bills (-1.5)
 Sun Oct 221:00 PM Tennessee Titans (-5) Cleveland Browns
 Sun Oct 224:05 PM Dallas Cowboys (-8.5) San Francisco 49ers
 Sun Oct 224:25 PM Denver Broncos Los Angeles Chargers (PK)
 Sun Oct 224:25 PM Seattle Seahawks New York Giants (PK)
 Sun Oct 228:30 PM Atlanta Falcons New England Patriots (-6.5)
 Mon Oct 238:30 PM Washington Redskins Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5)
 ¹ This game is being played in London, England.
 Bye: Detroit, Houston
  Week 8
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Oct 268:25 PM Miami Dolphins Baltimore Ravens (-3)
 Sun Oct 299:30 AM Minnesota Vikings (-7) Cleveland Browns ¹
 Sun Oct 291:00 PM Atlanta Falcons (-7) New York Jets
 Sun Oct 291:00 PM Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.5)
 Sun Oct 291:00 PM Chicago Bears New Orleans Saints (-6)
 Sun Oct 291:00 PM Indianapolis Colts Cincinnati Bengals (-3)
 Sun Oct 291:00 PM Los Angeles Chargers New England Patriots (-12.5)
 Sun Oct 291:00 PM Oakland Raiders (-1.5) Buffalo Bills
 Sun Oct 291:00 PM San Francisco 49ers Philadelphia Eagles (-7.5)
 Sun Oct 294:05 PM Houston Texans Seattle Seahawks (-7.5)
 Sun Oct 294:25 PM Dallas Cowboys (-2.5) Washington Redskins
 Sun Oct 298:30 PM Pittsburgh Steelers (-1.5) Detroit Lions
 Mon Oct 308:30 PM Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs (-3)
 ¹ This game is being played in London, England.
 Bye: Arizona, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, N.Y. Giants, Tennessee
  Week 9
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Nov 28:25 PM Buffalo Bills (-1.5) New York Jets
 Sun Nov 51:00 PM Atlanta Falcons (-1) Carolina Panthers
 Sun Nov 51:00 PM Baltimore Ravens Tennessee Titans (-2.5)
 Sun Nov 51:00 PM Cincinnati Bengals Jacksonville Jaguars (PK)
 Sun Nov 51:00 PM Denver Broncos Philadelphia Eagles (-1)
 Sun Nov 51:00 PM Indianapolis Colts Houston Texans (-3)
 Sun Nov 51:00 PM Los Angeles Rams New York Giants (-8.5)
 Sun Nov 51:00 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints (-1.5)
 Sun Nov 54:05 PM Arizona Cardinals (-3.5) San Francisco 49ers
 Sun Nov 54:05 PM Washington Redskins Seattle Seahawks (-8)
 Sun Nov 54:25 PM Kansas City Chiefs Dallas Cowboys (-6.5)
 Sun Nov 58:30 PM Oakland Raiders Miami Dolphins (-1)
 Mon Nov 68:30 PM Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers (-7.5)
 Bye: Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New England, Pittsburgh
  Week 10
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Nov 98:25 PM Seattle Seahawks (-1.5) Arizona Cardinals
 Sun Nov 121:00 PM Cincinnati Bengals Tennessee Titans (-3)
 Sun Nov 121:00 PM Cleveland Browns Detroit Lions (-8.5)
 Sun Nov 121:00 PM Green Bay Packers (-6.5) Chicago Bears
 Sun Nov 121:00 PM Los Angeles Chargers Jacksonville Jaguars (-3)
 Sun Nov 121:00 PM Minnesota Vikings Washington Redskins (-1.5)
 Sun Nov 121:00 PM New Orleans Saints Buffalo Bills (-2)
 Sun Nov 121:00 PM New York Jets Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-8)
 Sun Nov 121:00 PM Pittsburgh Steelers (-1) Indianapolis Colts
 Sun Nov 124:05 PM Houston Texans (-3) Los Angeles Rams
 Sun Nov 124:25 PM Dallas Cowboys Atlanta Falcons (-1)
 Sun Nov 124:25 PM New York Giants (-4.5) San Francisco 49ers
 Sun Nov 128:30 PM New England Patriots (-3) Denver Broncos
 Mon Nov 138:30 PM Miami Dolphins Carolina Panthers (-3)
 Bye: Baltimore, Kansas City, Oakland, Philadelphia
  Week 11
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Nov 168:25 PM Tennessee Titans Pittsburgh Steelers (-6.5)
 Sun Nov 191:00 PM Arizona Cardinals Houston Texans (-2.5)
 Sun Nov 191:00 PM Baltimore Ravens Green Bay Packers (-7)
 Sun Nov 191:00 PM Detroit Lions (-1) Chicago Bears
 Sun Nov 191:00 PM Jacksonville Jaguars (-3) Cleveland Browns
 Sun Nov 191:00 PM Kansas City Chiefs New York Giants (-2)
 Sun Nov 191:00 PM Los Angeles Rams Minnesota Vikings (-7.5)
 Sun Nov 191:00 PM Washington Redskins New Orleans Saints (-2.5)
 Sun Nov 194:05 PM Buffalo Bills Los Angeles Chargers (-2)
 Sun Nov 194:25 PM Cincinnati Bengals Denver Broncos (-3.5)
 Sun Nov 194:25 PM New England Patriots (-1.5) Oakland Raiders ¹
 Sun Nov 198:30 PM Philadelphia Eagles Dallas Cowboys (-7)
 Mon Nov 208:30 PM Atlanta Falcons Seattle Seahawks (-3)
 ¹ This game is being played in Mexico City.
 Bye: Carolina, Indianapolis, Miami, N.Y. Jets, San Francisco, Tampa Bay
  Week 12
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Nov 2312:30 PM Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions (-2.5)
 Thu Nov 234:30 PM Los Angeles Chargers Dallas Cowboys (-10)
 Thu Nov 238:30 PM New York Giants Washington Redskins (-1)
 Sun Nov 261:00 PM Buffalo Bills Kansas City Chiefs (-6)
 Sun Nov 261:00 PM Carolina Panthers (-3) New York Jets
 Sun Nov 261:00 PM Chicago Bears Philadelphia Eagles (-6)
 Sun Nov 261:00 PM Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals (-8.5)
 Sun Nov 261:00 PM Miami Dolphins New England Patriots (-9)
 Sun Nov 261:00 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers Atlanta Falcons (-6.5)
 Sun Nov 261:00 PM Tennessee Titans Indianapolis Colts (-3)
 Sun Nov 264:05 PM New Orleans Saints (-2) Los Angeles Rams
 Sun Nov 264:05 PM Seattle Seahawks (-7.5) San Francisco 49ers
 Sun Nov 264:25 PM Denver Broncos Oakland Raiders (-3)
 Sun Nov 264:25 PM Jacksonville Jaguars Arizona Cardinals (-6.5)
 Sun Nov 268:30 PM Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)
 Mon Nov 278:30 PM Houston Texans Baltimore Ravens (-3)
  Week 13
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Nov 308:25 PM Washington Redskins Dallas Cowboys (-7)
 Sun Dec 31:00 PM Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints (-2.5)
 Sun Dec 31:00 PM Denver Broncos Miami Dolphins (-1)
 Sun Dec 31:00 PM Detroit Lions Baltimore Ravens (-3)
 Sun Dec 31:00 PM Houston Texans Tennessee Titans (-2.5)
 Sun Dec 31:00 PM Indianapolis Colts (-1) Jacksonville Jaguars
 Sun Dec 31:00 PM Kansas City Chiefs (-4.5) New York Jets
 Sun Dec 31:00 PM Minnesota Vikings Atlanta Falcons (-5.5)
 Sun Dec 31:00 PM New England Patriots (-7) Buffalo Bills
 Sun Dec 31:00 PM San Francisco 49ers Chicago Bears (-4)
 Sun Dec 31:00 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers Green Bay Packers (-7)
 Sun Dec 34:05 PM Cleveland Browns Los Angeles Chargers (-7)
 Sun Dec 34:25 PM Los Angeles Rams Arizona Cardinals (-8.5)
 Sun Dec 34:25 PM New York Giants Oakland Raiders (-3)
 Sun Dec 38:30 PM Philadelphia Eagles Seattle Seahawks (-7)
 Mon Dec 48:30 PM Pittsburgh Steelers (-1) Cincinnati Bengals
  Week 14
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Dec 78:25 PM New Orleans Saints Atlanta Falcons (-7)
 Sun Dec 101:00 PM Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals (-6.5)
 Sun Dec 101:00 PM Detroit Lions Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)
 Sun Dec 101:00 PM Green Bay Packers (-9.5) Cleveland Browns
 Sun Dec 101:00 PM Indianapolis Colts Buffalo Bills (-1.5)
 Sun Dec 101:00 PM Minnesota Vikings Carolina Panthers (-3)
 Sun Dec 101:00 PM Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs (-3)
 Sun Dec 101:00 PM San Francisco 49ers Houston Texans (-9)
 Sun Dec 101:00 PM Seattle Seahawks (-4) Jacksonville Jaguars
 Sun Dec 104:05 PM New York Jets Denver Broncos (-9)
 Sun Dec 104:05 PM Tennessee Titans Arizona Cardinals (-3)
 Sun Dec 104:05 PM Washington Redskins Los Angeles Chargers (-1.5)
 Sun Dec 104:25 PM Dallas Cowboys (-1) New York Giants
 Sun Dec 104:25 PM Philadelphia Eagles (-1.5) Los Angeles Rams
 Sun Dec 108:30 PM Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers (-6)
 Mon Dec 118:30 PM New England Patriots (-4) Miami Dolphins
  Week 15
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Thu Dec 148:25 PM Denver Broncos Indianapolis Colts (-1)
 Sat Dec 164:30 PM Chicago Bears Detroit Lions (-6)
 Sat Dec 168:25 PM Los Angeles Chargers Kansas City Chiefs (-6)
 Sun Dec 171:00 PM Arizona Cardinals Washington Redskins (-2)
 Sun Dec 171:00 PM Baltimore Ravens (-4) Cleveland Browns
 Sun Dec 171:00 PM Cincinnati Bengals Minnesota Vikings (-3)
 Sun Dec 171:00 PM Green Bay Packers (-2) Carolina Panthers
 Sun Dec 171:00 PM Houston Texans (-1) Jacksonville Jaguars
 Sun Dec 171:00 PM Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills (-1.5)
 Sun Dec 171:00 PM New York Jets New Orleans Saints (-6.5)
 Sun Dec 171:00 PM Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants (-3.5)
 Sun Dec 174:05 PM Los Angeles Rams Seattle Seahawks (-13.5)
 Sun Dec 174:25 PM New England Patriots (-1.5) Pittsburgh Steelers
 Sun Dec 174:25 PM Tennessee Titans (-3) San Francisco 49ers
 Sun Dec 178:30 PM Dallas Cowboys Oakland Raiders (PK)
 Mon Dec 188:30 PM Atlanta Falcons (-1.5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  Week 16
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Sat Dec 234:30 PM Indianapolis Colts Baltimore Ravens (-3)
 Sat Dec 238:30 PM Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers (-6.5)
 Sun Dec 241:00 PM Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints (PK)
 Sun Dec 241:00 PM Buffalo Bills New England Patriots (-11.5)
 Sun Dec 241:00 PM Cleveland Browns Chicago Bears (-4.5)
 Sun Dec 241:00 PM Denver Broncos Washington Redskins (-1)
 Sun Dec 241:00 PM Detroit Lions Cincinnati Bengals (-3)
 Sun Dec 241:00 PM Los Angeles Chargers New York Jets (PK)
 Sun Dec 241:00 PM Los Angeles Rams Tennessee Titans (-7)
 Sun Dec 241:00 PM Miami Dolphins Kansas City Chiefs (-4.5)
 Sun Dec 241:00 PM Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carolina Panthers (-3)
 Sun Dec 244:05 PM Jacksonville Jaguars (-1) San Francisco 49ers
 Sun Dec 244:25 PM New York Giants Arizona Cardinals (-2)
 Sun Dec 244:25 PM Seattle Seahawks Dallas Cowboys (-3)
 Mon Dec 254:30 PM Pittsburgh Steelers (-1) Houston Texans
 Mon Dec 258:30 PM Oakland Raiders (-1) Philadelphia Eagles
  Week 17
 DateTime (ET) Away Team Home Team
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins (N/A)
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons (N/A)
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM Chicago Bears Minnesota Vikings (N/A)
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens (N/A)
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers (N/A)
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles (N/A)
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM Green Bay Packers Detroit Lions (N/A)
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts (N/A)
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans (N/A)
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers (N/A)
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM New York Jets New England Patriots (N/A)
 Sun Dec 311:00 PM Washington Redskins New York Giants (N/A)
 Sun Dec 314:25 PM Arizona Cardinals Seattle Seahawks (N/A)
 Sun Dec 314:25 PM Kansas City Chiefs Denver Broncos (N/A)
 Sun Dec 314:25 PM Oakland Raiders Los Angeles Chargers (N/A)
 Sun Dec 314:25 PM San Francisco 49ers Los Angeles Rams (N/A)