The 15 most gorgeous female athletes of the 00s and where are they now

15 most gorgeous female athletes

Looking back at the 2000s there were many great things about the turn of the calendar.  Forget the Y2K scare that never really happened. There was the Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series win, their first in 86 years. The first iPod was released in 2001. Janet Jackson put everyone in a tizzy as a result of her wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl. Napster. Facebook was introduced to the world. And let’s not forget The Sopranos.

While there are a few members of this list who are still active in their respective sports, many of the following 15 beauties have walked away from their competitive fields to find work elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean that we have to forget them. Trust in the fact that thanks to Google and social media, each of these ladies still has a large following of fans. While who the hottest of the list is arguable, what isn’t is the fact that each of these women at one point in their respective careers where among the hottest female athletes on the planet.

We welcome you to flip and flop the list around to your liking, is one of your favorites sitting outside the top 10? Is your dream girl not in the top five?  Are you in disagreement of who we placed at number one (if you are, you’re nuts!). No matter which way you look at this list, all fifteen of these ladies were some of the hottest athletes in their respective lines of work during the 2000s.


A polarizing figure in the world of soccer and Olympic sports, Hope Solo was a notorious winner as she backstopped her nation to a gold medal twice. However, Solo’s stock has taken a but of hit in recent years and its caused her name and presence to go unnoticed. Following her comments after the US’s World Cup defeat, Solo was suspended by the team for six months. It now remains a mystery if she’ll return in the future, at the age of 36, that remains unclear.

Taking a quick look at her social media accounts, Solo is doing her best in helping several charitable causes. Solo’s Instagram is littered with some great stuff that she’s been involved with off the field. At least we know she’s smiling and in a good place nowadays.