Apple held it’s September 2017 keynote and unveiled the much-anticipated iPhone X. It will have an edge-to-edge screen, facial recognition, and a whole bunch of neat phone-based stuff.

However, there was more to the event than just a new phone. There are some really neat things on the horizon for the sports world that could have a really great impact on how we can enjoy events at home and in the stadium.

1. Apple TV is getting live sports … maybe

Having access to live games is the cord-cutter’s dream we’ve been waiting years to see become a reality. Now that might be getting a step closer. Apple showed off a new interface featuring a graphic clearly showing live NBA games on the Apple TV device.

Excited? We might need to wait a little longer to see exactly how this will take shape.

Rights deals might be tricky to navigate, but it shows that Apple is thinking about sports and trying to work out ways to make live streaming a reality — and that’s exciting.

2. Augmented reality could change how we watch sports

Apple only showed a still of their new augmented reality, and it looks incredible. It shows Apple tapping in to MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) to provide fans with on-screen information, just by holding their phone up to the game.

This means that you could be at the game, maybe in the cheap seats, and struggle to see where players are positioned. If you hold up your phone while connected to the app you’d get player profiles, stats, and more.

The addition of AR opens up some awesome possibilities for the future. We’ve come so far since bringing a radio to the stadium to listen to the play-by-play.

3. The Apple Watch is getting new features

Updates to Apple’s wearable aren’t nearly as sexy as live streaming sports or augmented reality, but on a day-to-day basis they might have the biggest impact. The Apple Watch is getting LTE support, which means you can make calls away from your phone, and it will be better at streaming music while working out. Even while surfing, apparently.

In addition the Series 3 watch will come with a host of workout-centered apps, including a heart rate monitor.

4. Yes, there were sports jokes.

John Cena is struggling with the idea of facial recognition on his phone and he’s worried whether it will see him.

While we couldn’t resist poking fun at the biggest reason the Apple Watch has been in sports news lately.