Football is a great sport, but you know what makes it even better? Live animals breaking loose on the field during games! There have been a whole bunch of moments like this, so we took the liberty of breaking down the best moments for your convenience, because someone had to do it!

College football has a lot of these moments.

At Oregon-Stanford in 2017, a jackrabbit got loose on the field and scored an incredible touchdown, accompanied with a brilliant call from Fox Sports’ Tim Brando.

This is a very good bunny with some nice top-end speed — would draft! And we’ve seen this before. During a Michigan game at Purdue in 1993, another adorable bunny somehow got onto the field.

While this bunny didn’t make it into the end zone, he had some style points for his elusiveness.

The Canadian Football League had a hare-y situation as well!

This is my first-round draft pick, y’all. Very Good Bunny showed speed, agility, and quickness as it juked upfield.



In 1985, an adorable puppy broke loose during an Iowa home game.

My favorite part is how he literally just ran out because he wanted to hang out with the refs and players.

“I’m right where I’m supposed to be, guys!”

The Big 12 has a tradition of foxes running out during games.

During Arizona State’s game at Texas Tech in 2017:

And this happened at Baylor earlier in the year:

A second fox, perhaps the same one as the one above, went on the field during the Red Raiders’ game against West Virginia in 2016.

Important geese moments:

I’d probably do the same thing if I were a goose, tbh. Oh, a high school team in Pennsylvania also had to move its game to a practice field because of geese pooping on its home field!

Teams with live mascots make for some mishaps, sometimes!

Colorado’s live buffalo mascot Ralphie has gotten away from his handlers, who have to sprint next to him.

There was also this glorious moment when Fox Sports sideline reporter Jim Knox tried running out with Ralphie during a Georgia-Colorado game, and he ended up falling.

In 2012, during a Tennessee home game, Smokey got loose on the field and almost took out a Kentucky kicker’s legs!


Before Florida State’s Orange Bowl against Michigan in 2016, the FSU horse, Renegade, who Jim Harbaugh was really excited to see, had a biiiit of a mishap.

Legit cannot watch that without busting out laughing. Speaking of horses! SMU’s live pony mascot Peruna has broken free before.

Air Force’s live mascot falcon, which flies out in the stadium before kickoff, got loose during the 2010 Independence Bowl.

Good news though — the Falcon was later found in downtown Shreveport!


More very good dogs!

Texas A&M’s live dog mascot, Reveille, broke loose into the middle of the field during a game against South Carolina in 2015.

South Carolina v Texas A&M
Photo by Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images

Boise State’s tee-fetching dog, Kohl, is a very good dog who only runs as far as he’s supposed to, but we wanted to include him in here, because why not?

Also, here’s a dog scampering around at 1965 Army-Navy as players try to contain him.

The NFL has had fewer animal mishaps than college football, but there have been some good ones.

Sometimes, teams put DANG MONKEYS ON THE BACKS OF DOGS AND RACE ‘EM. At a Giants game:

This is the greatest thing the Giants have ever done, in my opinion.

The Indianapolis Colts are undefeated at Lambeau Field when live animals run onto the field.

Back in 1988, a turkey got loose on the Frozen Tundra:

And some animal rights activists stormed the field during a Thanksgiving game between the Eagles and Lions, but they are actually not animals.

Thank you for your time, and let us know of any other good ones!