Bowler uses every lane to bowl a perfect game in 86.9 seconds

Bowling a perfect game is a dream everybody has whenever they play. But what would it look like if someone attempted to bowl a perfect game as fast as they could? Bowler Ben Ketola decided to find out —with help from a co-worker, Ketola used every lane at his bowling alley to score 12 strikes in a row, setting up at each lane and running to the ball return to set up the next strike. He finished with a time of 1:26.9.

In an interview with, Ketola says he was inspired to take up the challenge after seeing bowler Tom Daugherty do the same thing back in 2015, although his time was 1:50.99.

As mind-blowing as his perfect game in 86.9 seconds was, Ketola told that he might take up a different challenge, perhaps in seeing how fast he can score spares. My suggestion? Ketola should see how fast he can score two perfect games in a row. Who knew speedrunning could also apply to bowling?

(h/t The Big Lead)