This GIF from Michigan Tech’s double-overtime win against Bowling Green in the WHCA final is an absolute delight.

Michigan Tech earned a place in the NCAA tournament with the win, but the real star is how this sequence unfolded.

Two seconds in: The goal is scored.

3.5 seconds in: A Bowling Green skater crashes into his own goalie.

Eight seconds in: They both lay on the ice in anguish.

12 seconds in: The hoard arrives.

13 seconds in: They glide through the the frame like a swarm of bees, or baby chicks huddling for warmth.

14.7 seconds in: One of the celebrating players trips over an opponent, still on the ice devastated.

Such a beautiful GIF from top to bottom. Poor Bowling Green hasn’t made the NCAA tournament since 1990 and has now lost twice to Michigan Tech in double overtime.

Source : SBnation