GPS running/biking apps are one of the newest ways to express oneself. One boy even ran 5.5 miles to ask his girlfriend to prom.

A group of cyclists in Perth, Australia, just took it to the next level, though. They biked 120 miles just to make this shape.

Look at the detail in this goat!! The group thought of everything, from the twisted horns to the cloven hooves.

Strava is an app popular in Australia that functions the same as MapMyRun or Runkeeper. It works with running and cycling.

According to The Telegraph, the group wants to plot other animal-shaped bike rides. They also hope others will use the goat path they’ve carved out.

“People love it,” cyclist Ben Jones said. “We are hoping that a few other people will have a crack at it and, in the spirit of Strava, try and do it faster than we did it.”

Source : SBnation