High school football players kicked off team for protesting during national anthem

It is no secret that football players across the country kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem has become a hot button issue and that includes every level of football being played right now.

Players might feel one way, but the coach might feel another way and then problems might occur. One coach in Crosby, Texas felt that his players should not be kneeling and told his players prior to their game that they were not allowed to protest during the anthem because he felt it was disrespectful of veterans and others.

Two of the players on Two Victory & Praise Christian in Crosby, Texas found themselves off of the squad after they defied those orders.

Two football players of a private high school in Crosby were thrown off the team after one knelt and another raised his fist during the national anthem.

Larry McCullough, 18, and Cedric Ingram Lewis, 16, are at the center of a debate after being kicked off the Victory and Worship Academy football team.

“I pretty much knew how he looked at us when I was holding my fist up and my cousin was kneeling,” Lewis said.

He made the two players strip down, remove their uniforms on the field and dismissed them from the team.

Mitchem, a former Marine, said he doesn’t oppose protesting, but not during the national anthem.

The teens told KPRC2 they removed their uniforms, as requested, but were overwhelmed by humiliation, as fans watched from the stands. Ingram-Lewis’ mother witnessed it, too.


Via totalprosports.com