Information on the website “Twitter” has shed new light on the depths of Illuminati influence inside ranks of the youth of America.

These photos, distributed on Monday, show a youth baseball team who allegedly have been named after the New World Order. It’s my belief this is a ruse to keep us from discovering the truth. This baseball team was established, funded, and created by the Illuminati in the hopes of indoctrinating children.

It begins with the colors, navy blue and white. This is a coded message from the Illuminati to the people of America. They’re thumbing their nose at us. If you look up navy blue and white in this list of meaning of maritime flags I found on Pinterest, you’ll see that the uniform resembles the “J” flag.

It’s the international message at sea to tell ships that the vessel is on fire, and to avoid sending help. The uniforms are sending a coded warning to other countries about the future of America. The Illuminati plan to burn the nation down to its foundation, but warn other countries not to assist during the collapse.

“Keep well clear” they say, while the “dangerous cargo” are the people trying to resist the new world order.

Next we come to the font, which is often called “Baseball Script,” but perhaps more-accurately defined as “Metro Script.” This is an anagram for “Cotter Prism.” We all know the symbolism of the prism at it pertains to the New World Order, but “Cotter” is a new one. I believe it’s an intentional misspelling of “Kotter,” referring to Welcome Back Kotter, which starred John Travolta. He will soon wield the prism that will crash the global economy.

Finally we have the patch, the most damning part of this.

This version of the all-seeing eye has a few distinct differences to its traditional depiction. It begins with the standard rays of light being replaced with lines akin to eyelashes. It’s poking fun at people for being woke. “Stay woke,” the kids say — this is the Illuminati saying they realize the kids are woke, but sending a threat anyway. The wreath represents death. The death of people being woke. The soon realization that knowing this was coming was for nothing, and when the banks close everyone’s accounts simultaneously it won’t matter.

The words “Trust No One” are really another coded message. Cleverly the Illuminati mean “Trust No. 1,” and are hoping people won’t realize it. Who is someone who children idolize who wears the No. 1 and threw up an Illuminati symbol during his rookie season?

That’s right. Keep watching because this IS happening.