John Cena might be reviled by wrestling fans, but the WWE superstar has shown time and time again he’s one of the most giving and kind people in sports today. Yet another example of that happened when Cena met one of his biggest fans backstage.

In case you can’t hear the audio very well, the boy is named Payton and his father tells Cena that he’s an inspiration to his son. That his matches and career are motivation for Payton and they use Cena during therapy. He goes on to explain that his son’s strong arm is his “wrestling arm” before they get a photo together. He went on to explain in the description of the YouTube video.

“A lot of people helped make my sons wish come true. I can’t thank you guys enough! Unfortunately John Cena was not part of the Meet and Greet package, but I didn’t let that stop us. Ironically with the help of John Cenas opponent in last nights match, we got to go backstage and meet him! Oh, did I mention John Cena also threw Payton his Shirt and wristband during the match!”

The dad explained on Reddit how the meeting between Payton and Cena took place.

“Actually AJ Styles arranged this. He saw us standing around, and asked if we wanted a picture. Of course we said, “Yes!” Then he asked if we got to see everyone. I told him everyone but my sons favorite, John Cena. He then told us to follow him, and took us backstage to the locker room. That’s when he went and got Cena for us!!”

This is such a neat moment we don’t see on TV. Watching just how much Cena legitimately cares about kids. His history of giving in legendary with the “Make a Wish” foundation, where Cena has granted over 500 wishes.

There is only one John Cena.

Source : SBnation