Those nachos never stood a chance!

One poor Cardinals fan got an unfortunate surprise when Cubs shortstop Addison Russell dove into the stands for a pop fly and took out his delicious ballpark snacks.

This game has playoff implications for both teams (the Cubs are aiming to clinch the division this week, and the Cardinals are still very much in the National League Wild Card race), but the loss of nachos is no joking matter either. That’s at least $12 of food gone in the blink of an eye!

Russell got toweled off, since he had nacho cheese all over him, and got back to work.

Later in the game, he returned to the scene of the cheesy crime and made good with the opposing fan. A new order of nachos might not make up for the initial collision but a selfie as part of the deal might help a bit too.

A Cubs player and Cardinals fans smiling together — no matter your baseball allegiance, that’s a sight to see.

UPDATE: A twist!

Could the Cubs have gotten skimpy with their replacement nachos? Was it intentional, because the two teams are battling for playoff position? Was this purposeful NACHO SABOTAGE.

Probably not, but the look on nacho mans’ face says it all. Those replacement nachos didn’t hold a candle to those he so tragically lost minutes before.