Clayton Kershaw will earn $33 million this year. The Padres’ 25-man roster will combine to earn $28 million.

Happy Opening Day! Today is the day when aces square off, when each team puts their best pitcher against the other team’s best pitcher. It’s a lollapalooza of a day, a real pip.

There can be mismatches, though.

This is one of those times.

According to the Los Angeles Times, with an assist from the San Diego Union Tribune, Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw will earn a higher salary in 2017 than the entire 25-man roster for the Padres, beating them by a full $5 million.

Officially, the Padres’ payroll is approximately $68 million, but they’re paying as almost much to Melvin Upton, Jr., Matt Kemp, Hector Olivera, and James Shields as they are to their 25-man roster. If we’re talking about the 25 players with a Padres uniform in 2017, they’re combining to earn less than Kershaw.

Don’t worry, though. According to the numbers on Baseball-Reference, all 25 Padres combined for 12.7 WAR last year, and Kershaw was worth just 5.6 WAR, so it looks like the Dodgers are the ones getting ripped off here. They’re paying an extra $5 million for seven fewer wins above replacement! What a bunch of rubes.

In case you were wondering, Clayton Kershaw has started against the Padres 29 times in his career. Here’s how he’s done:

4 runs: 1
3 runs: 6
2 runs: 5
1 run: 11
0 runs: 6

Not only is he richer than the Padres roster, but he’s empirically better than the Padres roster. Good luck, everyone, and happy Opening Day.

Source : SBnation