Joe Girardi knows the Yankees’ history against Dallas Keuchel. But that doesn’t mean his team isn’t doomed to repeat it.

“He just locates extremely well with leg movement, to both sides of the plate,” the New York manager told reporters in Houston on Thursday. “And you hope that he makes some mistakes and our guys take advantage of it.”

The Houston Astros ace will start Game 1 of the 2017 American League Championship Series on Friday night against a team he has dominated in recent seasons. The left-handed Cy Young Award winner boasts a sterling regular-season record against the Yankees and eliminated them from the 2015 postseason with six dominant, shutout innings in the AL Wild Card Game.

“I think it’s just been a culmination of command, location, maybe a little bit more confidence,” the 29-year-old explained ahead of the ALCS opener when asked, again, about his history against New York. “And just because it’s the Yankees you kind of get a little bit more amped and a little more jittery because it is the pinstripes and such a storied organization.

“But I think it’s just a coincidence that my command and location have been better than what it usually is against them.”

Here are 10 stats that show just how thoroughly Keuchel has dominated the Yankees (so far) in his career:

1.41 career regular season ERA against the Yankees.

1.24 career ERA against the Yankees (including the postseason).

4-2 career regular season record against the Yankees.

2 complete games against the Yankees in the regular season.

1 regular season shutout against the Yankees.

9.1 strikeouts per nine innings against the Yankees in the regular season.

45 strikeouts against the Yankees in 44.2 innings in the regular season.

7 strikeouts in six innings against the Yankees in the 2015 AL Wild Card Game.

0 runs allowed against the Yankees in the 2015 AL Wild Card Game.

0 homers allowed against the Yankees in 50 2/3 career innings.