Dodgers finally snap their losing streak with win over Giants

The Dodgers finally stop losing...for now.

At some point during the Dodgers’ Tuesday night game against the Giants, they had a “lead” which they got because of “hits” and “offense. It was all quite confusing and made the room spin a bit once their lead stayed intact as the end of the game approached.

But they maintained a more-runs-to-less-runs status through the end of the ninth inning, and actually won a game and things got hazy and the snow melted from mountaintops and the rivers ran with Dodger Blue as the seemingly impossible because possible. The losing streak was over.

After 11 straight losses, the Dodgers finally won one with a 5-3 victory over San Francisco. And it didn’t even take them until five in the morning EST to finish the game.

It also provided this magnificent freeze frame.

They almost lost it in the 7th inning when Kershaw left the game and the Giants had the go-ahead run at the plate, but they got out of it and held on. They almost lost it again when the Giants loaded the bases in the bottom of the 9th, but they got out of it and held on again.

One win doesn’t mean the Dodgers are completely out of their funk, seeing as they’ve still lost 16 out of their last 18 games. However, the relief of this losing streak’s cloud not being over the team’s head is a major step forward.

If they lost with Clayton Kershaw on the mound (again) we might have gotten to the point where Dodgers fan wellness checks would be necessary. Kershaw even helped his own cause with a double that drove in a run, his first double of the year.

Breathe easy Dodgers fans — at least for one night — you won!