The most important accessory of baseball, aside from the bats and the gloves, is the walkup song. In some circles, it might even top those two, just saying.

For one thing, it’s more noticeable.

Ever been sitting at an MLB game waiting for the next at-bat, and you hear a catchy walkup song? Often ballparks will have the song listed on the big screen, but for the ocularly challenged, or those doomed with bad seats, it can be hard to see. This website is here to help you out. will tell you exactly what jam your favorite player is blaring while approaching the plate. You can sort by League or just see what’s most popular. You can also search by player or artist.

Once you’ve found the song, you’re able to download it from iTunes or add it directly to Spotify.

The most popular song is “Panda” by Desiigner, with seven players. This is closely followed by, for reasons unknown, “White Iverson,” by Post Malone, “New Level,” by A$AP Ferg, and “All the Way Up,” by Fat Joe.

I’ve taken the liberty of searching by some of the more important artists of our time.

These 18 players know what they’re doing.*

*They’re not all included in this screenshot, as they have chosen a wide sampling of Mr. Worldwide’s discography.

Shouts to Brock Holt, who has picked “Timber.”

Here’s the surprise of the decade: Two brave fellows who chose Nickelback songs.

I’d like to congratulate Wilmer Flores for his wise choice.

Also Adam Warren, whose song can be used on the field or in the strip club.

Finally, we have these wonderful souls.

Really, I thought there’d be more.

Source : SBnation