Hurricane Irma forces Yankees-Rays series to Citi Field

Next week’s showdown between New York and Tampa Bay will happen in New York’s other MLB stadium.

Hurricane Irma is both literally and figuratively on the radar for the Rays, and they aren’t going to wait until the last minute to reschedule their upcoming series with the Yankees. Instead, according to Joel Sherman, the Rays and Yankees will be playing their Monday-Wednesday series next week at Citi Field, home of the Mets, rather than sticking around to wait and see what kind of condition St. Petersburg is in come game time.

The Rays will be the home team, as they were supposed to be for the series anyway, but chances are good the fans in the stadium won’t see things that way.

This is the second series to be moved in recent weeks due to a hurricane, as Hurricane Harvey recently tore through coastal and eastern Texas, forcing the Astros to play the Rangers in, oddly enough, St. Petersburg and Tropicana Field. There is no word yet on if the Red Sox and Rays will have to figure out an alternative for their series at the Trop next week, but that will likely be determined after the hurricane.

Irma, which was recently downgraded to a category 4 hurricane, is expected to bring devastation to Florida when it makes land there, with FEMA’s chief stating that it will “devastate the United States.” Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, is urging those in evacuation zones to “Get inland for safety.”