Indians extend win streak to 19 games, tied for 7th-longest in baseball history

The Tigers didn’t come close to handing Cleveland a loss.

Who will finally stop these guys?

It surely wasn’t the Tigers on Monday night, as the Indians once again took home a W after beating Detroit 11-zip. Cleveland jumped out to a 5-0 lead in a successful bottom of the second inning and never looked back.

This is their 19th win in a row, and they are now tied for the 7th-longest win streak of all time with the 1906 White Sox and the 1947 Yankees.

The White Sox’s streak includes a tie so by official standards they are only tied with the Yankees for a true 19-game streak. The next team for them to match are the 2002 Oakland A’s at 20 wins in a row.

Cleveland has trailed for a mere four innings in the last three weeks of games, and are now 88-56 on the season.

The Indians win didn’t come without an unnerving moment on the field though, as Carlos Santana was hit in the head by a throw meant to go from Ian Kinsler to Miguel Cabrera at first base but went awry and nailed Santana instead.

He smiled, shook it off, and was fine, but it was a scary moment for Cleveland during what is now a win streak everybody in the league should be paying attention to.

They play the Tigers three more times this week before moving on to the Royals, so the easy bet is that this carnage will continue for Detroit.