The Indians won their 16th straight game and are now in the top-20 all-time win streaks

When are they going to slow down?

Stunningly, or maybe not so stunningly seeing as it was their 16th straight win, the Indians won again on Friday night to stretch their streak. Seriously, can they slow down a little? They’re making the Dodgers feel self-conscious.

By beating the Orioles by a final score of 5-0 on Friday, thanks to an Edwin Encarnacion three-run home run, Cleveland also shot themselves into the top 20 list of all-time win streaks, in a tie with many others.

The teams they are currently tied with at 16 include the Philadelphia Quakers (which doesn’t technically count since it included ties), the Brewers (a streak which spanned two seasons), the Phillies (twice), the New York Giants (twice), the St. Louis Maroons, the Yankees, and the Royals.

The 1916 New York Giants currently hold the record for most games won in a row, but their record-setting streak doesn’t technically count since a they tied one game during the streak. The first team with a record streak that holds up without ties is the 1935 Chicago Cubs, at 21.

So the Indians are only five away and could reach that mark if they complete a sweep of the Orioles and sweep their next series against the Tigers as well. Not impossible!

With the win Cleveland looks to stay 11 games up on the Twins as the latter is also winning as things stand. The Astros and Dodgers haven’t played yet tonight, but the Indians could also move to only 1.5 games back from Houston in the best team in the American League race, and eight games back from the Dodgers for best team in the entire league.

While they probably won’t pass the Dodgers (heavy emphasis on “probably”), they are doing a lot right now to put the fear in other teams heading into the postseason. We knew they were good before this streak, but now they’re just reinforcing it with every continuous win.