Jose Altuve would choose Aaron Judge for AL MVP if he had a vote

Either Altuve or Judge will take home the honor this year.

The MVP race between some guy that plays for the Yankees and some guy that plays for the Astros has been argued about for months now. One is tall, one is short, and they are both very good at their respective jobs on a field made of dirt and finely manicured grass.

However the race pans out, the winner will deserve it based on what they’ve accomplished this season. But that doesn’t mean that people don’t have their own opinions on who deserves it more and why.

As a point nears when people stop arguing about who deserves it and start arguing about why the winner shouldn’t have won, it does so in a fun situation where those two players are facing each others in this year’s American League Championship Series.

Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve will face off for a trip to the World Series on the line, and before Game 1 the latter was asked who he would vote for if he had an MVP ballot. His answer, according to Sweeny Murti of WFAN? He’d go with Judge.

He also said, hilariously, “Maybe in another life I wanna be Aaron Judge.”

Short people who can’t hit home runs to Mars all nodded simultaneously in agreement reading that.

This doesn’t matter when it comes to the actual outcome, realistically. It’s a magnanimous answer similar to that of two candidates in a gubernatorial race who respect each other as professionals but still want to win.

It’s a funny answer though. And as this debate heats up and their teams enter a high-pressure, (possibly) seven-game series, humor is always welcome.