Over the weekend, White Sox reliever Tyler Clippard got traded from Chicago to Texas. The veteran righty will be helpful to the Astros bullpen, which has struggled this season relative to the rest of the team’s dominance, and the Sox will get either cash considerations or a player to be named later in return.

Beyond possible positive ramifications for Houston in the playoffs, Clippard’s trade had another interesting wrinkle.

Clippard was notified about his new team by White Sox GM Rick Hahn, who called to tell him the news. That’s a normal way to tell a player they’ve been traded, so nothing suspicious there.

What is a bit different is that according to Astros beat reporter Jake Kaplan, Hahn called Clippard smack in the middle of the most recent Game of Thrones episode.

What’s worse is that Clippard actually picked up the phone during the show. Wow, Tyler. Does he not even care about whether or not Cersei is lying to Jaime or how Littlefinger is attempting to start a feud between the Stark sisters?

He apparently hasn’t even gone back to the episode to finish it off, which is astonishing. Sure, he probably has some packing to do and is focused on making arrangements to move to Texas, but still.

How can anyone be halfway through one of the precious few Thrones episodes we have left and not go back to finish it as soon as possible? Seems concerning, at the very least.