With the New York Mets season officially over, ace pitcher Noah Syndergaard got the opportunity to take in a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night with his bae, former Boston University soccer player Alexandra Cooper.

Interestingly enough, Syndergaard and Cooper first made their relationship public at a Knicks game back in April. The two were spotted sitting in the front row, unwilling or perhaps just unable to keep their hands (and lips) to themselves.

Now, apparently, the couple has decided to dial their public displays of affection up a notch. On Tuesday the fair-haired couple went way beyond mere kissing to playful biting.

The visiting TV commentators were certainly amused:

Glad to see those kids are still clearly enjoying each others’ company.

For those of you who have not had the chance to get to know Ms. Cooper, you’ll probably be interested to know she’s got quite the titilating Instagram account.

See for yourself:

Mirror mirror on the wall, who will stop me from eating them all 🤔

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anyone know where I could wear this outfit? Lmk

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Being Noah Syndergaard definitely doesn’t suck.

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