Mookie Betts made another astounding catch in right field on Friday night, barely snagging it in his glove in right field. He seems to do that a lot lately, which makes sense because he leads all players in defensive runs saved right now. “Lining out” might not be a descriptive enough play logline.

He might be in a slump offensively but he’s still pulling his weight on the defensive side of the ball.

That was the top half of the first inning though, he made a big move towards breaking out of his slump in the bottom half with a 3-run home run to put the Red Sox up by three earlier.

Not only was it a fruitful hit, but it was low homer that traveled well, eventually curling around Pesky Pole in right field as it left the park. The definition of a pretty home run to watch.

It was his first home run since Aug. 3, so while he’ll have to keep that offense up to officially break out of his slump the Red Sox got runs out of Betts when they needed them which is the important part for the team right now as September baseball continues.

An official slump being snapped can wait until a little later.