A lot of time, brands are very bad on Twitter. Or they fight each other. Others are actually very good. Take the Phillies, for example.

The team promised this father a ticket voucher, when he just asked for some information!

This was an extremely classy move by the Phillies, and we hope DADitood and his 3-year-old have a great time at the game.

The Phillies team up with Autism Speaks for their Autism Awareness nights, usually at the end of April. This year’s game falls on the April 22 against the Atlanta Braves.

The ballpark staff is training to interact with those on the spectrum and measures are taken to make sure the guests with autism and their families are comfortable.

The Phillies aren’t the only ones trying to make events more autism-friendly. The Cleveland Cavaliers have made Quicken Loans arena sensory inclusive, for all events. This is very exciting news, as fans with any conditions affecting their sensory perception can now better enjoy these events with their loved ones.