I am firmly in the “never propose at a sporting event” camp. There are very specific circumstances under which you should do that, and most people don’t fall in the necessary categories to propose via Jumbotron or whatnot.

This isn’t a proposal though, this is a wedding happening between two Rangers fans on the concourse during the game.

A whole new level of consideration has to happen here. People have been known to rent out empty ballparks for lavish weddings, or hold a reception in one of the suits on an off-day for the home team. But how many times have you seen this happen before?

Where to hold your wedding is a far more serious decision (for most people) than where to pop the question. This may have taken many back-and-forth discussions before they landed on “during the concourse while the game is happenning” — or it could have been a five-minute decision because they didn’t put a lot of pressure on the location of their nuptials and just wanted to enjoy the special day.

Did fans throw popcorn and Cracker Jack after it was over? Is the reception just hanging out for the rest of the game? Were any of their vows baseball themed? Lots of questions here.

Whatever the case, this is definitely allowed because they must seriously be Rangers fans to have committed to this plan. Hopefully they have a great partnership, and the success of their marriage isn’t somehow tied to the Rangers’ future playoff success or failure.

Via SBNation.com