Yasiel Puig was determined to give this young Dodgers fan a free baseball

Never forget: #PuigYourFriend. That’s a promise the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig holds dearly, no matter what happens, and he showed it during Friday’s game against the Diamondbacks. Puig caught a foul ball, and tried to give it to a young Dodgers fan, but it didn’t stay in his hand on the first attempt.

Not wanting to leave that fan without a free ball, Puig ran back to give it to him, and again the ball fell out of the kid’s glove. The kid’s hand went limp like one of those claw machines you feed a boatload of dollars into for one measly Bart Simpson doll.

Puig really wanted the kid to have the ball, so on the third try, he made damn sure it stayed in the kid’s glove, because #PuigYourFriend and #PuigDoesNotGiveUp because when #PuigGivesYouFreeBall, you #CherishThatFreeBallFromPuig.

(via Cut4/MLB)