Diamondbacks ace Zack Greinke sat with the media before his expected start in the National League Wild Card game against the Rockies Wednesday to discuss the matchup and how he feels about the one-game playoff.

In true Greinke fashion, none of the quotes he provided were revolutionary by any means. In fact, as you can see from the video below, it was a lot of him just stating the obvious.

Stating obvious isn’t bad of course, especially when it comes to athletes just trying to make it through pre-game press obligations so they can actually go focus on the game they are trying to play.

This is a hilariously blunt section of the Q&A though. He says things like…

“It’s nice being in the playoffs.”

This checks out!

“It’s a big game.”

Also true in this situation.

“It would be nice to have a good game and win, and it would be bad if it didn’t go that way.”

Now he’s really blowing our minds with new facts.

He does throw in there that he’s not thinking of the situation of the game though, only the win that his team needs. Part of not thinking about the stressful play-in game probably also includes not worrying himself too much about the press getting juicy quotes. Which is fair.

He has a smirk on his face when he comments on wanting to have a good game, so it’s clear he knows how ridiculous this Q&A song and dance can be sometimes.

If anybody was confused about whether winning or losing was the hoped for outcome in a baseball game though, you’ve come to the right place. Greinke will be happy to clear up any confusion.

Via SBNation.com