50 Cent thinks he could beat Conor McGregor in a street fight

Hopefully he throws punches better than pitches.

We’re only a few weeks removed from Mayweather vs. McGregor, and there might be a new contender looking to take on Conor: 50 Cent.

The rapper appeared on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night and was asked if he could take Conor McGregor in a fight, to which 50 Cent said:

“In the street? Yeah! C’mon, he weighs 150 pounds, man!”

Things were heated in the lead-up to the fight when McGregor called out 50 Cent, who was present at one of the prefight press conferences. The MMA fighter called the pair “Fake money b****es” and went on to say “50 Cent is bankrupt, and you’re about to be,” directed at Mayweather.

Despite the harsh words, 50 isn’t holding it against Conor, saying that he was “doing his job” by hyping up the fight even if that meant being the focus of some trash talk. That said, McGregor has expressed interest in setting up an “all comers” fighting arena, which means you never know — maybe we could see McGregor vs. 50 Cent in the future.

Probably not, because that would be totally ridiculous.