What was supposed to be his triumphant return to the sport with a KO victory over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 was declared a no-contest and Jones found himself being stripped of the UFC light heavyweight title for the third time in his career after he was flagged for the banned steroid turinabol.

Despite his constant screw-ups, Jones is widely considered one of the most talented fighters to ever grace a UFC Octagon, but he continues to get in his own way constantly, and for that reason, Dana White believes he is the biggest waste of talent in all of sports.

“Ever. Ever, in all of sports,” White said. “The guy is so talented and gifted. God knows what he’d be doing right now if he had never got in trouble. He could possibly be the heavyweight champion and have the defense record that couldn’t be broken. The list goes on and on of what could’ve been with Jon Jones.”

As far as White’s comments on Jones receiving a short suspension from the USADA for his latest failed drug test:

“Whatever happens, happens,” he said.

(The TSN MMA Show)

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