When it comes to current ballers with bars, we have had players like Damian Lillard and Iman Shumpert bless us with their music.

Now it looks like we have another player in the league that might show promise.

Enter Andre Drummond.

Warning: Explicit Lyrics

While we can debate about if the verse was hot or not, can we all just admit that the beat is absolute ?

The other person rapping in the video is Nate Nixen. Here is a video of Andre Drummond bumping Nixen’s song “BonVoyage.”

Nixen also has this pretty cool music series that he does called “First 59,” which is a series of one-minute songs that he does. The kid can spit.

Will Drummond be on more of these videos? Will he pursue a music career? Will Stan Van Gundy make an album?

Only time will tell.

Source : SBnation