The Warriors support JaVale McGee, but they’re not above making fun of him. On Andre Iguodala’s Snapchat, we see that someone has brought JaVale McGee toilet paper into the equation:

The team supported McGee throughout his feud with Shaquille O’Neal on TNT, and Kevin Durant even slammed Shaq publicly for his role in it. So we all know this is meant in good fun.

That said, we still have questions:

  • How do you go about getting face-themed toilet paper?
  • Does only Andre use this? Did he bring it to the team facilities? Is he sharing with his teammates?
  • Would anyone be able to use the restroom comfortably with JaVale staring at them while they do their business?
  • Why?

Maybe one day we’ll solve these mysteries.

Source : SBnation